Being a tourist: Guinness Storehouse

After 13 days working in a ROW without a break… I decided to take advantage of the October Bank Holiday and be a tourist in Dublin. Since I move up 10 months ago, The Guinness Storehouse has been on my list, especially the idea of having a pint in the Gravity Bar overlooking my new city. (I find it quite shameful that I haven’t been there yet, given I walk past it at least once a week).

The tour itself is quite good, but the building is even better – exposed brickwork, sea green coloured steel beams and a bright central atrium. On the lower floors is a familiar smell of hops and on the upper floors, the scent of Guinness stew wafts from the restaurant.

But the Gravity Bar is where it’s at. Admittedly I don’t really like Guinness, so the free pint was wasted on me, but the view wasn’t. We sat there for nearly an hour, trying to spot where I worked and lived, pointing out famous landmarks and watching the day set over Dublin.

A lovely way to spend a Sunday.

I also took these:

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