5 Reasons that the Nokia 3310 is better than the iPhone

Truth be told…there’s only one… (pssst.. it’s Number 5)

Sure we all love our fancy schmancy iPhones…. all that the Social Media-checking on the go and smug pronouncements of “There’s an App for that”, thinking we’re the whole job. But there’s something to be said for the simplicity of the Nokia 3310 age.

5 somethings, in fact.

1. The Battery life


These days you barely get 12 hours from your phone, what with all the uploading, downloading and push notification wizardry.


The battery life of the 3310? 3-4 days, even with a long call to your bestie.

2. The invisible protective force field


Hit it with a hammer? Drop it from a height? Submerge in water (ok, maybe not the last one) but the Nokia 3310, was IN.DE.STRUCT.ABLE.


You only need look at the iPhone incorrectly and the screen smashes.

3. No Annoying, Never-ending Updates

Source: iDownloadblog

Between app updates, software updates and emails your home screen is rarely free from the little red number circle do-hickey. It’s almost as annoying as Windows XP automatic updates… almost.


Nokia 3310 software updates?? ….what’s a software…

4. Simplistic Notifications

“Here’s a text!”
“Hey, someone ‘likes’ your face”
“@STUPID followed you on twitter”
“You have 147,000 new emails”
“That text notification again, in case you missed it the first time”

Source: Flickr

It’s great to be popular and feel loved and all, but God be with the days when your phone only had 3 notification functions: Text, Call, Alarm.

5. Snake

Enough said.

Source: Imgur

(And before you correct us, yes, we know “There’s an App for That”, but it’s not the same and you know it)

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