Showreel 1 – The Park Studio


In August of last year while looking for media jobs, I stumbled across an advertisement for this course: TV Presentation, Production & Direction run by the Park Studio in Ranelagh. I rang and inquired immediately and when I heard that all of this training would take place over 10 weeks in a studio, I signed up. There was no moment of hesistation and from the moment I started I knew I’d made the right choice.

We were taught about all aspects of production and presenting in a practical setting. I got to be a floor manager, work the sound, the lights, the cameras and of course write and present my own scripts for a variety of formats. We had real industry lecturers teaching us about getting commissions, making documentaries, how to read the news, how to research and so on. And at the end of it all we got a showreel to take home and send to production companies to look for work.

My only criticism of the course was that it went by really fast and I was gutted saying goodbye to everyone once it had ended. I’ve done a few courses, a lot with a very practical emphasis, but this one is the best.

(And the icing on the cake? Kevin (course leader) continues to give advice and guidance to you long after the course has ended. Just last week I was on to him asking for help with the next step in my career)


Course Details:

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